Fortum - Sustainability report 2012 - Smart Grids
Thanks to the smart meters, it is easier to pinpoint malfunctions in the grid.
New technology related to smart grids gives customers better opportunities to track and boost the efficiency of their own electricity use, decrease their carbon footprint, and even produce their own energy.
A smart grid is a part of the future's efficient energy system. Furthermore, smart technology reduces the number and duration of power outages in the grid. Thanks to the new smart meters, it is easier to pinpoint malfunctions. Additionally, a smart meter enables two-way metering of electricity, i.e. the customer can sell and feed the surplus electricity to the grid.

New technology and consumers' increased interest in small-scale electricity production accelerated Fortum's commercial launch of a solar photovoltaic technology  product for consumers in Finland and Sweden in 2012. Fortum Aurinkopaketti (Solar Kit) is a system that connects to the grid and differs from off-grid systems, which have batteries as backup. Fortum also commits to purchasing the customer's potential surplus electricity. And when a consumer's own electricity production isn't enough to meet the household's needs, they can buy the extra electricity they need from the electricity company.
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