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ESNA: Making standards available to grow the ecosystem.

ESNA; Energy Services Network Association

is an independent global, not-for-profit association under Dutch law. Members share the same goal and vision and are utilities, software, hardware and service providers, and solution integrators.

The association promotes the adoption of open Smart Metering and Smart Grid architecture, services and infrastructure, based on Network Energy Services (NES), together with the value added applications for secure, reliable and cost-effective automatic meter management, smart grid management, billing, CRM and CIS etc.

Utilities, Grid owners, Distribution Network Service Operators (DSO), System integrators, Installers, Application designers, IT companies as well as Hardware manufacturers and Consultants take part in the ESNA community. ESNA is actively involved in promoting the standardization of smart grid, smart metering and smart energy management by publishing the standards, protocols on which the system is based and maintaining them. The standards are made available on a royalty free basis.


objective is to promote the application of advanced energy management systems, including AMR/AMM, based on the NES AMI architecture, the associated open standards; Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and NTA 8150, and its value added services in order to build and expand the interoperability standard for utility networks. The NES System is based on the multi-vendor Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and NTA 8150, and ESNA supports the market acceptance, standardisation, and certification of these standards. OSGP has become a de facto standard for smart meters and smart grid infrastructure communications with more than three million meters already installed.OSGP provides secure, scalable control networking services for any device connected to the low voltage power grid.


promotes the change in perspective of the current metering business, from selling isolated units, into offering interoperable smart meter management systems as an embedded element in the total value chain of energy sales and distribution. In addition, AMM, based on NES AMI architecture, offers added value in achieving the political objectives such as; saving energy and reducing CO2 blast and ensuring stability of the grid. Last but not least it will also contribute to more consumer satisfaction, in supporting a better understanding of energy consumption and as basis for a competitive energy purchase.

In combination with other metering events, ESNA organises various conferences and workshops to share the technical security aspects and the NES smart grid value chain, which goes far beyond metering and invoicing only. Also as a quality label the ESNA organises training sessions for future NES hosting companies and their potential NES-AMI managers, as well as obligatory audits and certification procedures to keep them up to date.

For our members,

ESNA is the platform to increase their common knowledge by exchanging experiences about the NES AMI and Smart Grid technology. Not only technical, implementation and communication aspects associated with the rollout but also on specification and business opportunities as well. For our community we organise seminars and workshops to inform representatives of our member companies in detail on technical and economical aspects of the NES architecture. In addition to these workshops, we organise seminars to share the in-depth knowledge at all levels encountered during the realisation of projects, to make the overall system mature, reliable and very cost-effective.

In addition to this dissemination of information and knowledge,

ESNA represents its members by being active in standardisation activities across Europe and the rest of the world to promote the use of open interoperable standards for the Smart Grid and Smart Metering. ESNA members are participants in standards organisations including CENELEC, ETSI, IEC, ISO, BSI and IEEE as well as standardisation efforts like Mandate 441, Mandate 490, the Smart Grid Task Force, and the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP). In addition to ESNA’s activity in the various standard committees and task forces, ESNA proactively responds to numerous public consultations from government and industry organisations in support of the goals and objectives of its members.
For more information, contact the secretary general, Harry Crijns.

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