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ESNA Standards Activities

ESNA is very active during the past year in the various Smart Metering and Smart Grid standardization activities across Europe as well as the rest of the world. The role of ESNA has significantly increased with the responsibility for the protocols OSGP (Open Smart grid Protocol) and NTA8150 (Webservices API Interface). The draft standard OSGP has been submitted to Cenelec TC13 by Finland.

ESNA members are participants in standards organisations including CENELEC, ETSI, IEC, ISO, BSI and IEEE as well as standardisation efforts like Mandate 441, Mandate 490, the Smart Grid Task Force, and the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP).


ESNA’s participation is helping to ensure that Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) will be identified as one of the available Smart Metering and Smart Grid interoperability standards. ESNA members have served in various key roles and on various working groups within the M441 Smart Metering and M490 Smart Grid standardisation processes. In addition, Mark Ossel, serving as member of the M490 Smart Grid Steering Committee that provides oversight for the various sub-activities including process team, standards team, architecture team and security team.


As previously communicated, ESNA is in the process of having OSGP approved as an official public standard rather than just a defacto standard. This process involves work efforts with both ETSI and CENELEC (CLC). With ESNA members working on the ETSI PLT and ETSI M2M technical committees, OSGP is being proposed both as an extension to EN 14908 and as an independent application layer.


In addition, at the CLC TC13 WG02 ESNA has proposed a New Work Item based on the OSGP standard to CLC TC13. Finland has proposed OSGP as New Work Item to Cenelec. It is important that as many National Committees support this item. If approved by the CLC TC13 committee, this would become an official New Work Item for the CLC TC13 WG02. ESNA has a few members on CLC TC13 WG02 representing different countries and has a member serving as the technical liaison between CLC TC13 WG02 and ETSI M2M.

We request all members, especially the utilities, to check with their National Committee, TC13, to ensure the New Work Item is supported!.


In addition to ESNA’s activity in the various standard committees and task forces, ESNA proactively responds to numerous public consultations from governmental organisations such as Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), US Department of Energy (DOE), Australia’s Department of Treasury and Finance, and many other organisations.


ESNA will continue to actively participate not only in these types of consultations but also other industry standards related efforts to ensure that a competitive environment continues to exist for all ESNA members.


We are starting up various working groups within ESNA to be able to take a position and have representatives participating in European and other international consultations. ??

ESNA Workgroups to start up are:

1) Security & Privacy

2) Smart Grid

3) Standards (OSGP, NTA8150

4) Communication & Marketing


We request members to join a work group; make yourself known to the ESNA secretary.

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