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For almost 10 years, Aidon has been a forerunner in the smart metering industry. We acknowledge the long-term perspective of our clients AMM-investments and therefore we provide solutions that are 100 percent future proof, says Timo Chrons, CEO of Aidon.
The philosophy of openness and flexibility was something new and unexpected in the smart metering market when we first introduced it, says Timo Chrons, CEO of Aidon.
We designed a system architecture which is open, so that utilities could have more control while building and managing their smart metering systems, and at the same time reduce the overall lifecycle costs. The solution can be adjusted to the needs of each and every utility today. Due to an open technology, however and because we know that customer needs change over time, our solution can also be adjusted to utilities’ needs and regulatory requirements of the future, Chrons explains.
Focus on customer needs
Our offering is not limited to system and services only.
It encompasses our unique way to act, which is based on understanding the core of our customers’ business, and a capability to adapt and respond to their needs. The team has not lost a bit of that attitude, even as the company keeps growing, Timo Chrons says. An excellent example of what can be achieved through customer cooperation is Aidon’s new generation Energy Service Device. The traditional AMR meter has transformed into an energy service device, which combines meter, communication, versatile sensors and interfaces, and efficient processing power. All this is packed into a clean and robust design, optimized for efficient installation.
Thanks to its open interfaces and modularity it can be used as part of, or side by side with, an already existing remote reading system. In this way, energy companies can build their system step by step. Similarly, new functionalities such as the low-voltage network management can be implemented through automatic remote upgrade.
Total AMM solution
Aidon’s AMM solution adapts to different utility AMI models, whether completely managed by the utility or part or all of the operations and services outsourced. The system components have driver based interfaces, which makes the integration to surrounding business system elements seamless.
Thanks to the open architecture and scalability, energy companies and service providers can design and optimize their smart metering system to current needs, while also being able to upgrade it later when new needs evolve.
We acknowledge the long-term perspective of our clients AMM-investments and therefore we provide solutions that are 100 percent future proof. For us this entails continuous product development, introducing advanced features like low-voltage network management or new communications technology. All that to ensure our customers’ success as the future smart grid evolves, Chrons says.  
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