Echelon will add Wireless and Delta Configuration Options to its Smart Grid Portfolio

Brings the benefits of Echelon's proven, open, standard, multi-use smart grid portfolio to more places and more applications in Europe as 2020 mandate looms
Echelon Corporation (NASD announced three new products that will bolster Echelon's proven, open standard, and multi-use smart grid product portfolio in Europe. The new products include the MCN 3020/1020 Wireless WAN adapter option for Echelon's portfolio of IEC meters, the MTR 3020 Delta smart meter and the DCN 1120/1220 Delta data concentrator. With the addition of these products to Echelon's already comprehensive and market-leading product portfolio, European utilities and grid operators now have even more deployment options to meet 2020 EU-imposed deadlines with Echelon's proven and flexible solution, regardless of meter density and wiring configurations in the roll-out regions.

"The pressure is on utilities in EU member states to act immediately in order to comply with the third directive for the internal market in electricity, yet technology, regulations and standards remain in flux," said Ron Sege, President and CEO of Echelon. "Echelon's growing portfolio of products helps grid operators navigate through this period of uncertainty. Our Control Operating System (COS) powered system provides utilities with a multi-use, future-proof platform to which applications, devices, and new capabilities can be added over time, whether from Echelon or its partner and developer community partners."

The MCN 3020 is a wireless WAN adapter that can be installed on any Echelon Poly-Phase (PP) and Current Transformer (CT) smart meter with an auxiliary power option, while the MCN 1020 wireless WAN adapter is installed on any Echelon Single Phase (SP) meter with an auxiliary power option. Meters equipped with a WAN adapter use the GPRS/EDGE network to directly communicate with the Echelon system software running at the utility's head-end. This capability allows for economic meter installation when a full roll out plan with PLC between meters and data concentrators is still being developed but regulations require installation of smart meters to begin now; or in situations where legacy AMR meters are being replaced on failure on a one-off basis with Echelon's smart meters. The WAN adapters are expected to be available for shipment starting July 2012.

The new Echelon MTR 3020 Delta meters expand the meter portfolio to delta wired distribution networks, joining and complementing Echelon's Networked Energy System (NES) IEC meter family by providing SP, PP for star wired distribution networks and CT connected meters. Together with the DCN 1120 and 1220 data concentrator models for delta wired distribution networks the solution brings Echelon's proven Power Line Communications (PLC) to the delta networks that are deployed in European regions like Norway and Belgium. The Delta products can also use the new MCN 3020 and MCN 1020 and are available for shipment starting December 2011.

The new products further enhance Echelon's market-leading portfolio that includes a full range of Echelon smart meters, home-facing communication options, data concentrators, and system software, in addition to a broad range of partner-developed devices and applications that plug into the Echelon COS framework.
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