FERRANTI - Logica signs MECOMS™ deal with DONG Energy

Logica delivers market communication solution to DONG Energy and creates integration between SAP and DataHub]
In the future MECOMS™ will be the key solution for DONG Energy when it comes to handling market communication for the company's 1 million electricity customers. The new business solution will support integration between DONG Energy's SAP IS-U solution and the future central DataHub for market communication as well as ensure efficient procedures concerning the customers' consumption and settlement.
The Danish energy market is undergoing major changes in these years. The ongoing liberalisation of the electricity market and the introduction of a central DataHub for market communication next year are leading to higher demands for better transparency and easier access to change of supplier as well as energy products.
"The MECOMS™ solution from Logica provides us with a standard industry solution which in a effective and reliable way is able to handle our market communication. We handle the business processes in SAP IS-U and get the technical market communication from MECOMS™. The future changes in market communication are continuously updated in MECOMS™. Thus we achieve a future-proof solution which in a cost-effective way becomes part of our IT landscape", says Lars Engsbro, Head of Application at DONG Energy.
The new market communication solution is to be integrated with the Danish DataHub which will be launched by Energinet.dk in October 2012. The DataHub will give the consumers easier access to their own consumption data and make it easier to change supplier or energy products. In addition the new DataHub will simplify the data traffic in the electricity market and in the future all energy companies will communicate with the central DataHub and not through complex bilateral EDI messages.
"It is our task to constantly ensure an optimised IT platform supporting DONG Energy's core business and new challenges like business transformation and increased internationalisation. The MECOMS™ agreement with Logica supports our IT strategy in the customer area regarding agility and a component-based IT architecture" says Lars Engsbro.
MECOMS™ is a industry solution for energy- and utility companies based on Microsoft’s premium ERP platform, Microsoft Dynamics AX. MECOMS™ is designed as an en end-to-end standard solution which meets all demands of energy- and utility companies no matter if it is a grid operator or a supplier company.
The analysts of Gartner, IDC and Deloitte have all rated the MECOMS™ solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX in a positive way. Additionally, in June the manufacturer of MECOMS™, Ferranti Computer Systems, has signed a global partner agreement with Microsoft, making MECOMS™ the preferred Microsoft solution for energy and utility companies.
"Obviously we are very pleased with the agreement with DONG Energy &emdash for several reasons. The agreement proves that the MECOMS™ solution is extremely scalable &emdash allowing us to handle business-critical processes for small utility companies with a few thousand consumers as well as for DONG Energy, the largest company in Denmark with a million customers. It is also very important for us to show that MECOMS™ is a truly flexible and modular solution allowing us to implement MECOMS™ to support many different business areas and not only billing or meter data management. Finally we consider the agreement with DONG Energy as yet another great result of our strategic efforts to establish ourselves in the Danish energy market and become an leading player in the market" says Mads Brøgger, Market Manager at Logica.
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