2 - Fortum invests in More Efficient and Secure Power Grid in Norway

Fortum invests in More Efficient and Secure Power Grid in Norway

Fortum is investing in a Smart Metering / smart Grid system based on two-way communication in Norway. The installation of the new meters will begin in 2013 and altogether 100,000 households as well as small business customers in Fortum's network area will be connected to the Smart Grid by 2015. Fortum has chosen Telvent to deliver, install and operate the system. The service agreement includes 100.000 of Echelon's metering equipment, Telvent's system as well as maintenance and collection of meter readings. Fortum and Telvent's contract also includes several options for future development and upgrading. ?Telvent has since 2009 been Fortum's partner in the currently ongoing Finnish smart metering rollout.

Fortum, with 1.6 million customers, is a leading energy company in the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic region. Fortum Norway, the 7th largest utility in Norway and holds a minority interest in Hafslund, the largest utility in the nation.

"With the new smart meters, invoicing will be based on real electricity consumption," Fortum’s vice president for distribution, Ari Koponen said. "Customers receive more accurate information on their electricity consumption and therefore have better possibilities for saving energy. In addition, the smart meters will be used for more efficient power failure resolution and as a platform for future development of Smart Grids and services within electricity solutions."


The new Telvent Titanium system will allow Fortum to operate its power grid more efficiently, securely and cost-effectively by ensuring correct energy demand response during times of peak demand. This becomes critically important when administering incident and outage management. In addition, the solution provides Fortum with more accurate consumption information to ensure effective system maintenance, network operation practices and customer satisfaction.

Fortum is promoting sustainable energy consumption habits among its customers: Now, residential and small business energy users will have continuous access to their power consumption information and the ability to responsibly manage their energy use.

According to Telvent's chairman and CEO, Ignacio Gonzalez, “We are pleased with the opportunity to continue our work with Fortum to promote sustainable energy practices in the Nordic region. Our selection by such a highly regarded utility affirms that Telvent has the extensive knowledge and high-level technology to support utilities in modernizing their Smart Grid operations.”

Echelon’s senior vice president for global utility market, Michael Anderson declared: "As the Norwegian smart grid market comes alive, we look forward to applying all of the knowledge we have gained in projects throughout Europe. Echelon is the go-to brand for energy control networking in Europe not only because of the proven reliability and scalability we bring but also because our solution offers the most value to utilities and their customers. We enable utilities to quickly achieve the benefits of a smart grid infrastructure that can deliver a positive return on investment – with the confidence that the Echelon solution can expand to meet their future needs."

Norwegian legislation requires hourly meter reading by the end of 2016. The mart metering system provided to Fortum's customers will include a variety of features such as consumption reporting via the internet and a connection to future smart home systems via an interface in the meter.

Harry Crijns - ESNA

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