CENELEC welcomes ESNA as their Technical Liaison Partner

Energy Services Network Association (ESNA), a non-profit association composed of utilities, manufacturers, and integrators, announced that the CENELEC Administration Board officially approved, in their November meeting, ESNA’s request to become CENELEC’s Technical Liaison Partner.

In October CENELEC Technical Bureau decided already positively on ESNA’s request and welcomed our standardisation initiative OSGP, as a new work item in CLC/TC 13, referenced under CLC/prTS50xxx; “OSGP for utility metering, tariff, load control and other applications - Communication protocols, data structures and procedures”.

“We are happy with CENELEC’s decision to accept ESNA as their Technical Liaison Partner, as well as our initiative to support the standardisation process for OSGP”, declared Bo Danielsen, President of ESNA and head of smart grid projects at SEAS-NVE, the largest consumer-owned utility in Denmark. “This step forward will speed up the development and deployment of the smart grid”. The smart grid is more than just smart meters, it is smart meters, smart sensors, smart switchgear and other smart equipment working together to make the grid more reliable, robust, and efficient. OSGP fills a gap in the market by bringing an open, field-proven, standard that addresses the needs of a broad range of smart grid devices, and not just smart meters. In close co-operation with CENELEC, ESNA looks forward to formalise and to publishing OSGP as a European and international standard for smart grid communications to benefit utilities, their customers, and suppliers.”


Companies who support ESNA’s OSGP initiative welcomed Cenelec's partnership:

  • Eaton, a global manufacturer of equipment for the utility industry,
  • Echelon, a manufacturer of smart grid infrastructure and devices,
  • Eltel, one of the leading Infranet service companies in Europe,
  • EVB Energy Solutions GmbH, one of the leading European service providers for power suppliers and network operators,
  • Ferranti Computer Systems, a provider of business and IT solutions to energy and utilities markets,
  • Görlitz AG, a prominent supplier of telemetry solutions to European utilities,
  • Oracle Utilities, the global leader in meter data management,
  • Telvent, a leading real-time IT solutions and information provider for a sustainable world,
  • SecureMeter/PRI, a leading manufacturer of smart meters,
  • Ubitronix, a solution provider and system integrator of unified intelligent energy management systems.


Utilities supporting OSGP welcomed the CENELEC acceptance:
  • Alliander NV, one of the largest utilities in the Netherlands,
  • EnergyMidt, a Danish utility,
  • Fortum, a Finish - Norwegian utility
  • Linz AG, an Austrian utility,
  • Netbeheer Nederland, the Dutch grid operators association representing all the utilities operating in the Netherlands,
  • NRGi, a Danish utility,
  • SEAS-NVE, a Danish utility
  • Vattenfall AB, a multi-national utility headquartered in Sweden with operations in Sweden, Finland, Poland and Germany. 
Harry Crijns
ESNA secretary
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